Our email marketing success stories

Imagine taking your online revenue to the next level with email marketing — just like I did for these businesses.

The Challenge

Tradesales, a leading heavy-duty equipment supplier to Mining and Defence clients, was looking to further their foothold in Australia's heavy industries. They needed email marketing that not only drove sales but built their brand and stronger relationships with clients.


Our Approach

We crafted engaging emails, blending informative content, case studies, brand news, and promotions to establish Tradesales as a trusted partner to their clients.


The Impact

Tradesales experienced a significant increase in sales inquiries and conversions, and their email subscriber list almost doubled in size.  During my time at Tradesales, I was thrilled to help them expand their market presence, build their brand, and deepen customer loyalty.




The Challenge

Retra Group, supplier of fluid handling equipment for firefighting and industrial applications wanted to step up their online presence with email marketing. Their goal was to boost sales and connect with their diverse clientbase.

Our Approach

Keeping the needs of a brand with limited online presence in mind, we crafted engaging emails for Retra Group's varied clientele. We put the spotlight on their products using a mix of helpful content, case studies, brand updates, and promotions, to make Retra a go-to partner in their market.

The Impact

Retra Group's first steps into email marketing brought some exciting results: more sales inquiries, conversions, and a growing email subscriber list. These early efforts showed a lot of potential for widening their market presence, building a strong brand, and creating loyal customers. I was happy to help Retra Group pave the way for future email marketing success.



"Josh did a great job managing our email marketing — showing a keen eye for copy & design and proving his expertise in MailChimp. He grew our email database and improved engagement, leading to significant increases in sales inquiries and conversions. Josh would be a valuable addition to any team." 

Jonathon Bradford
   Marketing Manager at Tradesales

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